Son of a Fitch Bulldogs

Located in Columbia, S.C. we have raised two olde english bulldogs, Abby and Fitch, whom we have bred and are welcoming five new puppies to our family. If you would like to add any of these sweet puppies to your family, please let us know. Our puppies are Blue Ribbon IOEBA and UKC registered. We can ship puppies to most anywhere.

Meet Our Family

  1. Tracy
    While stationed in Georgia, in the Air Force, I became a UGA bulldog fan. I have been in love with this breed and got Fitch almost four years ago. A year later I got Abby to be his forever girl. I work from home and get to play with my babies and their babies all day. These children are the joy of my life.
  2. Abby
    Abby is almost three years old (June) and obtained from Cherokee Bulldogges out of Ohio. This sweet girl is demanding and constantly wants to be loved on. She has been a great mother and has been very attentive to the puppies. She is definitely the boss of the house.
  3. Fitch
    Fitch will be four in June and we got him from McMillian's Bulldogges ( out of Minnesota. He is a sweet very affectionate boy who loves to be active and loves to take walks as well as dominate attention at Pet Smart. He loves to be at my side and likes to think he is the Alpha, Abby keeps him in check.

Happy Pets Happy Owners

Happy Pets Happy Owners

Happy Pets Happy Puppies

Here are two websites that can help explain these two breeds and their differences:

Happy Pets Happy Families

More pictures and more information to come. This website is a work in progress.

What is the difference between an English Bulldog and an Olde English Bulldog?